2021 AGM and President’s Message

Hello everyone

I am writing with a couple pieces of good news. Firstly, earlier this month Mark O’Neill was awarded life membership of the ABSC. Mark has been the BSAACT representative on the Council for more than 20 years, having only stepped down last year. This award recognizes Marks’ dedication to the game he loves and we enjoy, and his contribution at the national level. We will post Frank Dewen’s words of appreciation on the website for everyone to see. Well done Mark!

Secondly, following a rather disappointing turnout at the AGM, it seems that Leigh’s ‘call to arms’ worked as we had enough members present at the EGM on 17 November to form an Executive and a Committee. This means that we will be able to continue the Association for the next year, at least. The committee comprises:

Executive Committee:

President: Eneasz Sokolowski
Vice President: Loraine O’Bryan
Secretary: Loraine O’Bryan
Treasurer: Leigh Condon, also Director of Referees and Junior Development Officer

Committee Members:

Nick Payne, also the media officer
Ian Rayson, also the competition director
Shreyas Kumar, also the Child Protection Officer
Mark O’Neill
Rod Saclier
Srikar Govindarajula

Our focus will be to provide local competitions and grow the game in Canberra and the surrounding region. Should anyone feel that they would like to contribute during the year, in any capacity, no matter how small, please come to one of the committee meetings or get in contact with the Secretary.

I would also like to acknowledge the previous Committee and thank them for keeping the game going through a very difficult and challenging time. COVID-19 has impacted all of us in different ways. Many of our members look forward to a game of snooker or billiards to connect with friends, let off some steam, or keep the flame of competitiveness alive. Lockdowns, Government and club restrictions, and health concerns have meant that we could not get together and play for large parts of last year. Only through the previous Committee’s planning and proactive measures were we able to return to the tables. Thank you Loraine, Leigh, Nick, Pat, and Mark – well done!


Eneasz Sokolowski