2021 Summer Billiards

Handicaps are as indicated on the website and do not change on the night. Four games per match. Home team captain fills in two names on the scorecard, away team captain fills out all four names, then the home team captain matches the last two names. All names must be on the scorecard before the match starts. Players earn one point for winning their game. A player cannot play more than two games on any given night. Handicaps change up or down by 10 for a win or loss.

Home team responsibilities during Covid-19

High Breaks

Player2021 High Break Summer Billiards
Raj Das60, 44, 38, 37, 35
Ken Bromley54, 42
Nick Payne50, 42, 35, 32, 31
Bob Fraser32, 29
Steve Tzafaris29
Steven Thomas28
Lou Lou Siharath-
Michael Wilson-

Player Stats

PlayerCurrent TGTFrame %Games WGames LSeason TGT %
Lou Lou Siharath1200.00440.00
Leigh Condon1600.00230.00
Nick Payne2900.00440.00
Eneasz Sokolowski00.00000.00
Sid Scott1800.00000.00
Ken Bromley2200.00230.00
Sam Bryant-200.00350.00
Bob Fraser1900.00330.00
Steve Tzafaris200.00420.00
Ian Rayson1300.00000.00
Raj Parameswaran00.00000.00
Zivko Petreski-100.00230.00
Chris Wainwright00.00000.00
Patrick Davies-200.00350.00
Raj Das300.00300.00
Pat Wadsworth700.00000.00
Fred Johnson900.00320.00
Sam Bashfield-300.00250.00
Noel Williams1400.00210.00
Jason Myer1700.00000.00
Steven Thomas300.00410.00
Michael Wilson00.00330.00
Michelle Davies00.00000.00