Hi BSAACT Members

I am aware that you are all very keen to return to play as soon as possible and  for your information the committee is in the process of organizing  competitions to start in early August.  The first competitions will be 6 Reds  and Speed Billiards at a cost of $10 each.  We are going with short games initially to minimize disruption should there be a second wave of tightening of restrictions due to Covid-19.  Please note that the  nomination form for the competitions will be available on  the BSAACT website shortly.

For those who are not aware  the Burns Club is allowing up to 20 people to use their Snooker Room.  If you wish to have a practice at the Burns you need to be a member of the Club and respect any rules they have in place especially the limit of only 20 people being allowed in the Snooker Room.  BSAACT will meet with the CSCC next week to ascertain when we may be able to resume play at Woden and Jamison.

Kind regards,
Loraine O’Bryan
Billiards and Snooker Associaction ACT (BSAACT)

  • New an existing members need to fill out a Membership Form so our Membership Records reflect our legal requirements in relation to our Membership Register. Committee members will sign any returned form so there will be no need to find a member to nominate and second their Membership Form.

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