BSAACT Strategy

Vision, Mission, Values, Goals

Dear BSAACT Members

I am seeking your feedback on a draft of the BSAACT Strategy designed to drive our association forward over the next three years. The strategy reflects the Committee’s desire to grow the games of billiards and snooker within the Canberra community. You will recall that last year we sought your views on the state of the game though a member survey.  We received a significant number of comments and suggestions, and those are also included in this proposal.

Members are at the centre of the draft strategy. It is about offering you the opportunity to play billiards and snooker in a competitive and enjoyable environment.  The strategy encompasses the direction we, as the Committee, believe is paramount to not only ensuring survival of our sport in Canberra, but to grow it into a thriving competition.

I invite you to provide feedback on the proposal.  You can do so by emailing, and/or filling in a second survey here:   I implore you to voice your view, as we will use your feedback to drive the future direction of BSAACT.

In addition, I will shortly circulate for your comment a revised draft of the BSAACT Constitution.  The current document is dated and does not reflect the current needs of our organisation.  I encourage you to read the proposed draft and make your views known to the Committee.  I intend to propose the adoption of the new Constitution later this year.

Many thanks

Eneasz Sokolowski

Vice President