Date Time League Season
13/11/2018 7:30 pm Billiards Target 2018 Winter


SX Yellow (B)

Player Frames W Frames L 1st TGT% 2nd TGT%
Nick Payne101000
Steve Tzafaris01740
Damien Roeder01870
Zivko Petreski01880

Burns A

Player Frames W Frames L 1st TGT% 2nd TGT%
Eneasz Sokolowski01920
Patrick Davies20100100
Sam Bryant101000

Both teams tied for first place, home venue decided by count back. Both teams won 5 matches throughout the season. Head to head, SX Yellow 11 def Burns A 9 in total over their 5 encounters. Grand Final played at SX club. The first 2 games had Patrick Davies (Burns A) on 230, play Steve Tzafaris (SX Yellow) on 250, and Eneasz Sokolowski (Burns A) on 260, play Nick Payne (SX Yellow) on 350. Patrick and Steve had a fairly even match with neither getting a major break; eventually Patrick pulled away to win the 1st. game for Burns. The 2nd. game saw Nick get away early with some good control and breaks of 35, 30, and some 20s. about 2/3 of the way through Eneasz started to pick up and get back in the game but Nick had established too big a lead and secured the 2nd. game for SX Yellow. So at the half way mark it was 1-1. The second set of games were between Patrick and Zivko Petreski (SX Yellow) on 180, and Sam Bryant (Burns A) on 200, and Damien Roeder (SX Yellow) on 150. The 3rd game between Patrick and Zivko was like the 1st in that neither player developed a particularly good lead, but Patrick did enough to claim the game. The last game was a much more evenly contested event, with both Sam and Damien playing some good sequences and safety at times; in the end Damien was within 15 of his target when Sam reached his. This game was a good reflection of the final, with Burns A doing that little bit more to secure the Final. Congratulations to Eneasz, Patrick, and Sam The 2018 Winter Teams Billiards Champions BURNS A


Southern Cross Woden
92-96 Corinna St, Phillip ACT 2606, Australia

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