Billiards Individual

Nominations are now open for the ACT Individual Billiards championships in State, Open, A, B, and Handicap categories.

Entry charge for Open, A, B and handicap categories is $20 per category, charge for State is $30. Any player nominating for State who has not previously nominated or has not done so for the last 5 years will attract a reduced nomination fee of $10.

Nominations close on Friday 28th April and should be emailed to

Round 1 starts on May 5th.  Venue and time is to be negotiated between players, with a two week window to complete each round. Winner to notify results and progress to the next round.

State,Open, A, B, are timed matches, 1 hour in preliminary rounds, 2 hour semi final, 3 hour final. Handicap matches are played to a target score.

State category will have a round robin format in round 1 to determine seedings for following rounds. Duration of round robin matches to be determined based on numbers. Indicative date for the round robin is May 12th.