2018 Snooker State Individual

Tournament Directors report


Round-robin Group A:

Nick Payne won 2-3 with a 166/107 aggregate for second place

Sid Scott Won 2-3 with a 166/144 aggregate for first place

LouLou Siharath won 1-3, Ali Rezaei also won 1-3

Nominees Steve Woods (who notified his non-attendance) and Brent Hampton did not attend

Round-robin Group B:

Edmund Chen won 3-5, Leigh Condon won 0-5, Bruce Agnew won 2-5, and Charles Bastecky won 2-5. (Charles was a last-minute replacement for Jason Tanaskovic, who did not attend)

Kirby Zhang won 4-5 with a 60.1% to finish first in the group

Rohullah Irfany won 4-5 with a 58.9% to finish second in the group

Edmund Chen had the championship high break of 48


Left to right, Rohulla Irfany, Nick Payne, Sid Scott, Kirby Zhang


First semi-final between Sid Scott and Rohullah Irfany went the distance, with Sid winning the first, Rohullah the next 2, and Sid the last 2

Second semi-final between Kirby Zhang and Nick Payne had Nick win the first 2 frames, Kirby winning the 3rd, then Nick closing out the semi with last


The final between Sid Scott and Nick Payne (best of 7) had Nick win the first 2 frames after Sid led both early, Sid winning no. 3, then Nick winning the next 2 frames to win the Championship 4-1

I congratulate all players who participated, and acknowledge the



Had I been informed of the non-attendance by the named players in sufficient time it would have been possible to split the groups to allow multi-frame round-robins.

Future Championships need to have a firmer nomination path to encourage fuller attendance.

Leigh Condon 13 August 2018