The Canberra Southern Cross Club Billiards and Snooker Club was formed to
raise awareness of our sport within the Southern Cross Club, and emphasise
to management that we have a dedicated group of club members supporting
the main club.

Our aim is to generate more events each season to give our members more
billiards and snooker competition experience, and to foster new players into
the sport.

We collect a small membership fee of $10 per player per season, and these
funds go towards individual championship prizes and incidentals.
PRESIDENT                                         Danny Williams                     
COMPETITION DIRECTOR                George Huang
COMMITTEE                                        Bob Fraser
                                                            Craig Gillmer
                                                            Raj Das
                                                            John Lussick
Mobile 0421 866 477
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The CSCCBSC is affiliated with the BSAACT and works
closely with that Association