Junior Coaching Clinic

Introduction to Snooker Coaching Clinic

12 – 16 years

The BSAACT invites young people aged 12 – 16 who would like to learn the game of snooker to register for our forthcoming Snooker Coaching Clinic. The Coaching Clinic will be held at the Canberra Southern Cross Club during the school holidays on the following dates –


Day 1              Monday –        30 September              10 am  –  2 pm

Day 2              Tuesday –        1 October                    10 am  –  2 pm

Day 3              Wednesday      2 October                    10 am  –  2 pm

Day 4              Thursday         3 October                    10 am  –  2 pm


The Snooker Coaching Clinic will be facilitated by BSAACT’s accredited coach both in Snooker and Billiards and accredited Referee – Leigh Condon and assisted by a BSAACT member. Both the facilitators have Working with Vulnerable People clearances.

To qualify you must be between 12 as of the 01/01/2019 and 16 as at the 31/12/2019.

If you would like to partake in the Snooker Coaching Clinic you will need to obtain and return a registration form and pay a fee of $40 to attend. Those attending the Snooker Coaching Clinic will be supplied with a cue for the duration of the clinic.  Lunch will be supplied to all participants and if you have any food allergy please make this clear on your registration form so we can accommodate your special requirements in relation to your lunch.

Enquires and a registration form can be obtained by texting your email details to BSAACT’s Secretary on 0412783795.

Please note that the coaching clinic will be conducted under BSAACT’s Player Code of Conduct.