Member Survey

We are seeking member feedback on the following questions, leave blank if you don't have a preference

Should we have final series in handicap competitions?

Should handicaps change week by week as currently calculated

What should the maximum Billiards Team size be

What should the maximum Snooker Team size be

Should presentation night change to a less formal gathering with awards presented on the night of the Grand Final

Would you be open to a change in the form of awards and trophies, a personal shield or vest that accumulates your personal achievements over time

How should forfeits be dealt with, taking into account an 8-0 win (for instance) can disadvantage teams not involved in the match

Does playing periodic challenges against other associations appeal to you if they can be arranged. South coast, Sydney, Cooma etc

Do you think our current membership / player / team fees levels are appropriate,

Do you think our fee structure should be simplified, with one yearly charge allowing you to play all Snooker events or all Billiards events or both etc.

Would you watch local important matches online if they could be streamed for free via YouTube. Think individual State Snooker final or Billiards Grand Final etc.

Are you interested in attending coaching clinics if they can be arranged

Are you interested in obtaining referee accreditation if that can be arranged

Do you see anything as an impediment to new players joining BSAACT

Other comments