1. Hi Dave, they showed me a tgt of 280 last week, off which I played. Won one lost one, so should be no change?
    Can you email me result mate, lost your email.

  2. Venue changed. I’ve got a few others wrong in the billiards too, missed the fact that home teams don’t always play at home when I converted the draw. Will fix the rest on Wednesday.

    Well spotted.

  3. A list of players broken down by team is at the bottom of the snooker and billiards pages. It includes this weeks target and handicaps respectively.

  4. Mark nominated you in his team for billiards. If you played last season, the membership is on a financial year basis and you’re covered. If you didn’t, we discussed last night and you can do pro rata which would make it $15 for the remainder of this financial year, bank details under the governance tab. Leave your details as the reference.
    There are aditional competition fees but Sam will get those out to players shortly.

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